Theorists and Thinkers of Management and Theory of management Guide - Management Review

Management Gurus: Charlatans or Visionaries?
Excerpts from 'The Witch Doctors: Making Sense of the Management Gurus.' Published in BusinessWeek.
Executive, The
An updated management text of 'The Prince' written by John Harmon.
Lessons of Presidential Leadership
Doris Kearns Goodwin on ten lessons learn for presidential leadership.
Guiding the Flocks
Article explains why management gurus are vital in the New Economy.
Full Disclosure: A Strategy for Performance
Regina Herzlinger discusses on the topic of the need for the organization to discloses their earnings, expenses, performance and levels of executive compensation relative to peer groups.
Aligning Actions and Values
Jim Collins discusses the need for leaders to align their organizations with the values and visions already in place.
Making Teams Work at the Top
Katzenbach discusses myths about what makes a strong leader and what makes a real team. Provides six suggestions to help groups aspire towards team performance. Jon R.
New Merchants of Light, The
Harriet Rubin discusses on the topic of the role of leaders as intellectual capitalist.
Accenture Consulting
Read "Marks of Distinction" Report. Achieve High Performance.
Better than Plan: Managing Beyond the Budget
Smith discusses on the need of organizations to be specific, measurable, aggressive, relevant, and time-bound. Douglas K.
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