Consultancy for the Total Quality Management and Theory of management Guide - Management Review

Total Quality Management Associates
South African consultancy of specializing in continuous process improvement.
XR Tech
Primary target group is producers of advanced industrial equipment and includes the automobile, paper, power and electronic appliances indust. Business concept is to provide Quality Management support, emphasizing qualified problem solving tools.
ADA Communications
Based in the United Kingdom. Design and produce management tools to enable organizations to improve performance by achieving results through national or international standards.
Technology Research Corporation
Provides quality management, change management, strategic planning , total quality management (TQM), team building, customer service programs and analysis, process mapping, work flow analysis, business process improvement, integrated product deve.
David Butler Associates
Based in Lakewood, Ohio. Provides total quality manangement consulting services by monitoring and measuring internal and external customers.
PROMAX Consulting Services Inc.
Consultants assist in developing and driving TQM strategies, including organizational structures, training and recognition.
The Horizon Phoenix Group Quality System Consultants
Consultants for quality system, and regulatory affairs for medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
Accenture Consulting
Read "Marks of Distinction" Report. Achieve High Performance.
Hawthorne Management Consulting
Firm specializing manufacturing and industrial consulting.
Alliance Training and Consulting: Quality Training
Features course outlines and video clips of training segments. On-site business training and consulting, including total quality management training.
Tudball Quality Management
Consultancy providing project mangement, process change and software design.
Shaw Resources
Specializing in organizational performance and customer satisfaction improvement using continuous process improvement, leadership of change management, Baldrige assessment and total quality management.
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