Utility and Energy email newsletters and References Guide - Energy and environment Review

Petroleum Intelligence Weekly
Subscription fee required. Weekly newsletter delivering analysis and information on developments, issues and trends in international oil and gas.
Oil Market Intelligence
Free. Weekly news report on the worldwide petrochemical industry.
Endangered Species & Wetlands Report (ESWR)
Monthly newsletter that covers the Endangered Species Act, wetlands and private property rights issues.
Guardian, The
Bimonthly newsletter featuring environmental news, poems, articles, classifieds and information on seminars and conferences.
Environmental newsletter and web resource on ecological issues.
PetroChemical News
Free. Weekly news report on the worldwide petrochemical industry.
H2 Information Network: News and Events
US Department of Energy Hydrogen Program news delivered via email.
Energy UK News
Email news and coverage of UK construction industry activities such as acquisitions, expansion plans, new projects and other developments.
Newsletter that shares information on policy and technical issues related to product environmental life-cycle management.
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Oil Daily
Subscription fee required. Email news service for the North and South American oil and natural gas industry.
Free of charge. Green energy news delivered weekly.
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