Tools in Chemical Calculation and Softwares Guide - Chemicals Review

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
Provides interactive web-based resources for students and teachers of probability and statistics.
Free Software for Engineering Websites
Free programs designed to expand the capabilities of engineering websites by offering technical resources for engineers.
Stat-Ease, Inc.
Design-Ease(R) sets up and analyzes experiments. Design-Expert(R) is a complementary package to Design-Ease(R) and performs optimization functions via response surface methodology. The software runs on IBM a. Developer of statistical software.
Design Science
Providers of MathType, presentations, an interactive tool for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing and desktop publishing documents, web pages and for TeX & LaTeX and MathML documents.
Bentley Systems
Develops professional enterprise-wide engineering, manufacturing, modeling and computer aided design software for the buildings and telecommunications industries.
Cytel Software Corp.
The software runs on MS-DOS, Windows and UNIX systems. Products are sold to statisticians in many areas of business,. Developer of statistical software used for non-parametric analysis, group sequential trials and electronic statistical tables.
Offering online graphic calcutor, electrochemistry software, symbolic math and other useful tools.
Offers the latest technology in statistical and data analysis software that easily imports and exports all major spreadsheets, databases, and statistical file formats.
ChemSW, Inc.
Global provider of chemistry and laboratory software and related services for industry, government and education.
Omega Simulation Co.
Designs, chemicals, electric power , petroleum, gas, fabricates and maintains training simulators and support systems for the process and paper industries.
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Online resource guide for comparing units of measurements in one system (standard) to equivalent measurements in another (metric).
AAA Technology & Specialties Co., Inc.
Triflex(tm) is a static and dynamic piping stress analysis package. TRI*HEADER(tm) is a multiphase flow analysis package for flare network systems. TRI*FLOW(tm) is a steady st. Developer of PC-based mechanical and fluid flow analysis software.
OMDI Mass Calculator
Applet to allow you to calculate the mass of a molecule, provided by Octavian Micro Development.
Process Support AS
Based in Norway. Independent consulting company offering services in chemical and oil/gas process design, software development and design of automation and safety systems.
Practical Engineering
Offering freeware and shareware software for engineers in the chemical, petrochemical, power generation and related industries.
Number Cruncher Statistical Systems
Products are sold to educational institutions. Developer of statistics software which runs on IBM PCs and compatibles.
Poly Software International
Providers of scientific software including numerical plotting and statistical analysis programs.
Emro Corporation
Reseller of scientific, engineering, technical , statistics, programming, mathematics and research-oriented software products.
Microcal Software (OriginLabs)
Origin(tm) features over 200 graph types and supports a wide range of data formats. Users can manipulate data with a large selection of mathema. Developer of Origin(tm), a technical graphics and data analysis software for Windows 95, 98 and NT.
NEOS Server for Optimization
Offering the latest in optimization software, solving problems automatically with minimal input from the user.
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