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Astronomy Awards

Astronomy Awards

will award five 100$ prizes every month (see rule 11)

** MORE good news for candidates... **

Prizes are awarded to support astronomy related websites.

The number of prizes and/or their value will increase with the popularity of this award.
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Confirmed winners of the second surprise draw:

Confirmed winners of the first surprise draw:

Number of candidates:
344 approved candidates. Last update: November 15th 2006.
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1. At least one page of your website should be related to astronomy
2. After free registration in Astronomy-awards, we will tell you how to insert the "Astronomy Awards Candidate" logo-link.
3. The logo should then be visible on your homepage for all the time of your participation, which isn't time limited.
4. Winners, randomly selected among participants, will be contacted via email.
5. At any time after submission your site can be reviewed to check if rules are followed. Otherwise you will be told to remove our logo.
6. The first selection will be as soon as 500 candidates will have register.
7. The 5 winners of the month will receive 100$, a "Winner Logo" and will have the link to their websites posted here.
8. Winners with a "Winner Logo" are still qualified. Moreover, if they win again, award will double (200$).
9. You may participate as many time as you own astronomy websites.
10.All awards are in US$. Winners support all additional fees (currency change, etc.). Click here for informations about payments.
11.Minimum candidate's number each month has to be 500 for a draw to be done.
12.In this case (11), a message indicating the number of participants will appear on this page.

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