Transportation Education in the Universities and Training and courses Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Virginia Tech - Center for Transportation Research
The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), is an interdisciplinary, formerly known, as the Center for Transportation Research, multidisciplinary
Mid-America Transportation Center
The Mid-America Transportation Center (MATC) conducts research and educational activities aimed at improving the design and operation of transportation facilities to maximize mobility, safety, and efficiency and minimize negative environmental e.
University of California, Davis - Institute of Transportation Studies
dissertations, graduate student awards, undergraduate fellowships, and othe. Information about the MS/PhD Program in Transportation Technology and Policy, and other graduate transportation programs at UC Davis, as well as information about Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley - Transportation Engineering
Provides information regarding educational programs at the University of California at Berkeley.
University of Nebraska at Lincoln - Transportation Research Office
Activities in the office focus on the analysis of traffic flow systems using a variety of simulation models and field data collection systems.
The University of Texas at Austin - Center for Transportation Research
A nationally recognized research institution focusing on relevant transportation research.
University of Washington - Global Trade, Transportation and Logistics Studies
The aim of the option in GTTL is to allow professionally-oriented graduate students to focus or augment their degree programs in preparation for careers that demand the combined knowledge of trade, transportation and logistics.
San Jose State University - International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies
Unique among the nation's six University Transportation Institutes, IISTPS focuses on international surface transportation policy issues as related to three primary responsibilities: research, education and technology.
Texas A&M - Texas Transportation Institute
Texas Transportation Institute's mission is to solve transportation problems through research, to transfer technology, and to develop diverse human resources to meet the transportation challenges of tomorrow.
University of Texas at Austin - Center for Transportation Research
Provides transportation research, educational opportunities and public transportation research information.
University of Minnesota - Center for Transportation Studies
The Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) at the University of Minnesota supports research, education and outreach activities.
George Mason University - Transportation Policy Program
The program focuses on public policy issues associated with surface transportation, with particular emphasis on intelligent transportation systems
Pittsburg Diesel Institute
Professional truck driving program including hands-on driver training, on-the-job CDL training, DOT certification; located in Pennsylvania.
Penn State - Smeal College of Business Administration - Business Logistics
Business Logistics is the area of management education that focuses on the flows of products, information, and cash through integrated supply chains.
Michigan State University - Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management
The official web site of The Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University.
New Jersey Institute of Technology
It is one of three national university centers under the USDOT University Transportation Centers Program. The Center was established by the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA).
Center for Transportation Research and Education (CTRE)
Performs transportation research for public and private agencies and companies; manages its own education program for transportation students; and conducts local, regional, and national transportation services and continuing education programs.
Fritz Institute of Global Logistics
The Fritz Institute of Global Logistics is a non-profit educational center dedicated to the enhancement of the level of professionalism in the field of global logistics.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Center for Infrastructure and Transportation Studies
Designed to create a collaborative environment for multidisciplinary research focused on the systems that make societal activity possible within the built environment.
UK University
Everything a student needs to know about studying in the UK.
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