Virtual logistics and Logistics Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Solutions are designed to automate and optimize a variety of logistics decisions. Provider of fleet and shipment planning solutions to private and dedicated fleets, commercial carriers and shippers.
UPS e-Logistics Group
Provider of ebusiness services to manage the entire supply chain once an order is placed on a web site.
Based in Boulder, Colorado and has offices in Detroit and Chicago. Offers a complete supply chain execution application that could be offered and accessed over the Internet.
An online marketplace where the logistics community can buy and sell logistics services, plan to better manage transportation networks and execute the movement of materials around the world.
Centralized, carriers and consignees, real-time information service that communicates shipment information among shippers
Cadre Technologies: Elogistics Software
Provider of logistics, fulfillment, warehouse management, billing and supply chain management software solutions.
Innovate It Logistics Systems
Provider of web-based logistics solutions by creating a virtual warehouse and establishing a single worldwide logistics process., Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by venture capital. Developer and provider of web-based transaction marketplace software and services, linking shippers and carriers to expedite transportation processes.
Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log)
Schedules, coordinates and directs product and inventory movement activities while simultaneously providing comp. Provides global planning, supervision and control for managing the movement of product and inventory across the global supply chain.
GT Nexus
Offers shippers, freight forwarders, and transportation carriers a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions to optimize the flow of information and work across the entire global transportation value chain.
USF Worldwide Logistics
Provider of warehousing, transportation management, cross docking and reverse logistics services.
Access Business Group: E-Logistics
Provides high-volume fulfillment services from highly engineered and scalable distribution centers for well established businesses.
Serves the ocean shipping industry, and electronically managing cargo documentation, providing Windows and e-commerce tools for rate retrieval, generating shipment service contracts and tariffs and electronically managing cargo documentation, from booking request through rating bills of ladin.
Odyssey Logistics
A leading provider of global logistics for the chemical industry
Web-native Transportation Management System (TMS) that blends complete planning, execution, settlement and visibility functions for maximum economic benefit.
A logistics marketplace where shippers and transporters offer and tender for business online.
Infosoft Media
Solutions include business automation, e-tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory and order management. Provider of complete ecommerce and software solutions for logistics businesses.
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