Virtual Fulfillment and Logistics Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Vizional Technologies
A proactive transaction management tool to solve supply chain problems with Internet-based integration for immediate access to logistics solutions.
Provider of e-commerce fulfillment services and web-based call center and customer service, integrated with web development technology.
San Jose Distribution Service
Diversified warehousing and 'value added' distribution services including pick and pack, repacking, fulfillment, assembly and reverse logistics.
Auction Broker
Web-based procurement solution that can eliminate the purchasing of fixed and predetermined prices.
Meyer Fulfillment
distribution, pick-pack, warehousing, inventory management and packaging and assembly. Providing e-commerce, catalog, mail order and product fulfillment as well as premium, literature and P.O.P.
MacCosham: Canadian E-Fulfillment
Trucking to and from Canada, warehousing, and complete ecommerce services. A leading specialist in logistics and order fulfillment services in Canada.
One World Distribution, Inc.: Online Fulfillment
We guarantee everything we do. Provider of complete e-commerce fulfillment services including pick/pack/ship, returns, and international shipments.
Midwest Distribution Systems
Provider of warehousing and distribution of raw materials and finished goods for manufacturing companies.
Fulfills internet orders and ship packages across the country and around the world.
providing outsourcing of fulfillment and customer services. A division of AHL Services, Inc.
Fulfillment Plus
Helps companies launch and sustain successful e-commerce initiatives by establishing tightly integrated, fulfillment and customer service capabilities.
Young America
Provider of e-commerce fulfillment, promotional fulfillment and database management services.
The Return Exchange
Uses on-line auctions and reverse logistics, supported by leading edge database technology, to provide on-line retailers and traditional retailers a unique comprehensive solution to the growing problem of retail returns management.
Access Business Group: E-Fulfillment
Provides high-volume fulfillment services from highly engineered and scalable distribution centers for well established businesses.
EFulfillment Service: Logistics E-Fulfillment
No setup fees, minimums, receiving fees
GATX Logistics
Provider of web-based order management including, inbound transportation management and fulfillment services.
SalesLink Corp.
Products an. Provider of electronic commerce services, including software consulting, secure Internet order management, process management, Internet storefront and catalog development, on-line credit card processing, warehousing and fulfillment.
3PF.COM / ComAlliance
Provider of third-party fulfillment services for businesses with high-volume, time-sensitive distribution needs.
American Delivery Service
Provider of delivery, warehousing, distribution and integrated e-fulfillment services.
PFS Web: E-Fulfillment
Offers transportation and logistical solutions including warehousing, pick and pack, e-fulfillment and replenishment.
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