Usage of Information Technology in Transportation Logistics and Logistics Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Software that provides solutions for a variety of operating systems and devices to match shippers and brokers online.
EXE Technologies
Provider of supply chain execution software featuring Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
Provider of integrated, purchasing, scheduling , sales, inventory, modular-based enterprise resource planning solutions with more than 30 application modules covering accounting and production control.
Allpoints Systems
Located in Norwood, Massachusetts. Provide easy-to-use web enabled systems to support the fulfillment process and provide real-time package and parcel tracking through all points in the demand chain.
A business unit of CSX Corporation, accurate and comparable information that can be used to better manage inventories, company provides a way to collect and distribute timely and benchmark carrier and tr.
Montego Systems
WinWhere is a next-generation Microsoft Windows NT software package that uses radio frequency portable terminals and bar-code technology to improve pr. WinWhere is an affordable, easy-to-use Windows NT-based Warehouse Inventory Management System.
Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in Atlanta, Dallas and New York. A provider of web based, hosted applications for the strategic procurement and execution of logistics services.
A logistics group that provides complete solutions in Supply Chain Management located in Singapore.
Alfaro & MacFarlane Corporation
Provides information technology based solutions for the transportation and logistics industries.
Logistics Management Institute
Provides innovative solutions to challenging power projection issues in the areas of strategic mobility, distribution of materiel, pre-positioning of material, intra-theater transportation and port reception and throughput capabilities.
PFSweb: Logistics Information Management
Technologies including real-time interfaces, batch file transfer and electronic data interchange (EDI) for traditional fulfillment and e-commerce.
Appian Logistics
Manufacturers of automatic vehicle routing systems, mapping systems and various logistics software products.
Catalpa Systems
Designs, Oracle-based distribution, logistics , full-function, manufacturing, develops and implements cost-effective and financial business applications.
Micro Analytics
Developers of TruckStops, driver productivity, a computerized routing and scheduling system for managing transportation costs and customer service.
Cambar Software
Customized business software solutions for supply chain, and order management, warehouse and logistics.
Capstan Systems
Manufacturers of products for global supply chain execution with a complete, web-native B2B infrastructure that delivers end-to-end visibility and control of the international trade process in real-time.
provides Export Documentation Software designed for international trade and transportation. The inexpensive PC desktop and LAN systems are easy to install and use, Y2K compliant, will generate 25 quality forms, and have connectivity t. EXits Inc.
Hunt Transport Services, Inc., M.S. Carriers, Inc., Swift Tra. An Internet-based global transportation logistics company resulting from a merger of logistics business units from six publicly held truckload carriers: Covenant Transport, Inc., J.B.
The Company's e-Logistix application suite leverages the Internet to collabora. Develops inter-enterprise e-business application software that enables trading partners to coordinate and manage their logistics process with unparalleled efficiency.
Lynden Logistics
Designs, implements and controls systems that produce the efficient flow and storage of material and related information.
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