Software and Applications for Fulfillment Services and Logistics Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log)
Schedules, coordinates and directs product and inventory movement activities while simultaneously providing comp. Provides global planning, supervision and control for managing the movement of product and inventory across the global supply chain.
Fulfillment Plus
Helps companies launch and sustain successful e-commerce initiatives by establishing tightly integrated, fulfillment and customer service capabilities.
Electronic Marketplace
Company also developed EM. Purchased by eLevel,Inc in 1999; offers a full service fulfillment center providing on-line order forms, invoicing, product warehousing, inventory control, pick-pack shipping services, and electronic commerce solutions.
ORDERS Plus - Internet Order Processing Software
Software solution produced by Business Systems of America; ORDERS Plus 2000 is an advanced order processing, manufacturing, inventory control and accounting suite designed for growing distribution and service organizations.
Order Fulfillment Solution: NetSuite
Free Trial. NetSuite's distribution software features advanced order fulfillment features, and manages both front and back office operations.
PFSweb: Fulfillment Solutions
Located in the US, Canada, and Europe. Offers a business infrastructure solution including the warehousing and distribution of client-owned inventory.
Electron Economy
Offers a full span of consulting, technology and logistics management services.
Quality Software Systems, Inc. (QSSI)
Based in Piscataway, New Jersey. A software development company specializing in the design and implementation of warehouse automation and inventory control systems.
QAS: Point-of-Entry Address Verification for Fulfillment
addresses against postal data from the U.S.P.S. Address verification software designed to quickly and accurately look up and validate U.S.
Order Entry Software Directory
Compare order entry software using Capterra's free, comprehensive directory.
Cadre Technologies: Fulfillment Software
Provider of fulfillment, package tracking, warehouse management and supply chain management software solutions.
Fulfilment Solution
Handles multi client, multi channel orders in an integrated system
Mchugh Software
Located in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Manufacturers of fulfillment software and services.
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