Publications Related to Transportation Logistics and Logistics Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Railpace Newsmagazine
Brings the latest news about Northeastern railroading (Ohio to Maine, Quebec to Virginia)
Distribution: The Magazine of Logistics Management
Information for logistics decision-makers and coverage of developments in the theory and practice of logistics.
Scientific American Newsletters
Publications, and links to transportation topics, email alerts and services.
Overdrive Online
Online magazine intended to serve all trucking needs; includes industry news, equipment information, and employment news.
Transport Logistics
The overall aim of the journal is to provide an international forum to explore the interface between transport and logistics.
International Journal of Transport Economics
The main aim of the review is to bring together the research work being done in the field of Transport Economics and arrange it organically in the form of a synthesis between theory and fact.
Joint Program Office for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Represents the evolution of the nation's entire transportation system.
Transport Topics
Published by the American Trucking Association for anyone involved in the management, traffic and maintenance of regulated haulers and carriers engaged in interstate distribution.
Food Logistics
Magazine features information technology, material handling, transportation, and refrigerated logistics. Supply chain and eBusiness solutions for food executives.
Logistics Transportation
Hover thousands of tons over any terrain on a cushion of air!
Traffic World
Reports on traffic, imports, transportation, foreign investments , global trade, exports, finance and markets, logistics, energy, insurance and more.
Inbound Logistics
Free educational resource for business professionals looking to use logistics for competitive advantage by reducing inventory, speeding product flow, managing logistics and transportation.
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