Consultancy for the Logistics and Logistics Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Developer of WinBCL which allows CNC parts programs to be portable from CNC machine to CNC machine. Software runs on Windows 95. Products are sold to manufacturers and the Fe. Provider of engineering, process and logistics consulting services.
eWork Markets: Logistics Consultants
Project posting, comparing bids, and choosing consultants is free. eWork Markets connects you to prequalified logistics consultants.
WEB Aeronautical
WEB Aeronautical performs aircraft safety & DAR related functions for the US Federal Aviation Administration & sells commercial jet aircraft and aircraft engines worldwide.
Team Logistics
A third party logistics provider of transportation consulting services, theft prevention, freight damage inspections, web site developing , damage prevention, freight claims management, including public warehousing and hosting, shipment weight op.
Pacific Consolidated Industries
Provider of solutions for logistical and critical product quality problems associated with supplying high-purity oxygen and nitrogen for commercial and military applications.
Freight Logistic Services
Provider of supply chain and logistics consulting services.
Markland Logistics and Freight Consultants
Markland Logistics and Freight Consultants offers advice helping select methods and service provider, or providers, for your business.
Provides integrated logistic support programs that utilize integrated management processes which combines maintainability, and logistics engineering techniques with support cost analysis modeling.
Runzheimer International -
Runzheimer International is a management consulting firm specializing in transportation, travel, and living costs.
Logistics Consulting
Learn Five Requisites for Lasting High Performance from Accenture.
Total Logistics
Total Logistics is an independent consultancy specializing in commercial logistics.
Tucker Company
Logistics service provider offering freight management consultation, analysis and implementation; transportation comparisons and alternatives; rate analysis and quotation.
Chainalytics: Logistics Consulting
Includes supply chain network design, transportation planning, & inventory planning. Offers supply chain consulting & outsourcing services.
Next Generation Logistics
A company involved in the management consulting and information technology fields that is responding to the global logistics and supply chain management needs of the manufacturing and distribution industry.
ShipSave Consulting
Specializes in rate negotiations with small package carriers such as UPS, and Airborne; also provides general transportation consulting services, FedEx, DHL, write articles related to shipping and Airborne; also provides general transportation consulting services, write articles related to shipping, and will speak to groups about small package shippi.
Kuehne & Nagel (KN)
The group covers every aspect of international forwarding on land, wood and perishables transports, at sea and in the air; warehouse space managed totals 1.25 million square meters, and is also engaged in niche sectors such as paper and perishables transports, customs c.
Commodity Distribution Services
Provides Inventory Management Services and a source to procure commodities, delivery performance, monitor suppliers for quality and technology development.
J.M. Rodgers
Logistics consultants providing pertinent freight information and a breakdown of costs for all types of movement.
Cargo International Logistics
Provider of third-party logistics services, management consulting and logistics consulting.
Herbert W. Davis and Co.
Provider of logistics, transportation, customer service, warehousing and computer support systems management services.
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