Logistics for Product Recall and Logistic management Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Return Central
Provider of software that integrates every point in the reverse supply chain, facilitating the movement of both goods and information.
ReTurn Inc.
Provides a centralized reverse logistics system for retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers throughout the US.
PFSweb: Product Recall Services
Fulfillment services include product recall with customer contact services, distribution of replacement/repair products, and returns management.
Wisden & Franklin Ltd.
Specializes in handling product returns for a number of major UK companies plus high and low volume secure contract packing and fulfillment for PC CD-ROM.
Prime Logistics
Provider of services, returning, disposals , repackaging, reconsignment, including testing and credit issues of returned goods.
Provider of systems that make the returns process more efficient for catalogers, e-tailers, TV direct marketers and their customers.
Valley Distributing and Storage
Specializing in product return services as well as providing a full range of fulfillment services, and sort, repackaging products to meet specifications, refurbish assembled products or kits and sort, stencil and tag products for resale.
The Return Exchange
Provides online auctions and reverse logistics to solve retail returns management problems.
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