Software for the Rail and Intermodal Transportation Facility and Intermodal Rails Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Orthstar Enterprises, Inc.
The engineering software is used by the aerospace industry and includes simulation modeling and flight controls design.. Developer of train engineering and transit, aerospace, industrial automation, system engineering and manufacturing software.
Azure Software Limited
Developers of software for railway simulation, train control, process control and data communications.
MultiModal Applied Systems
Provider of software products and consulting services for the railroad, logistics and transportation industry. Developers of Multirail & FastTrack.
Railcar Management
Provider of business services and software solutions for the rail industry.
ALK Associates
Provider of various software solutions from in-vehicle navigation and route guidance to fleet management, shipment tracking and large-scale design and optimization of transportation systems.
Signalling Center Software
Developers of railway simulations for the PC from signaling center software.
Bourque Data Systems, Inc.
Software requires IBM and compatibles and runs on Windows 3.1, 95 and NT. Products are sold to the transportation industry. This company. Developer of RAILAcct(tm) and RAILTRAC(R) Fleet Manager software for managing rail transportation assets.
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