Rail and Intermodal hiring and Intermodal Rails Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Rio Grande Chemical: RGCX
A railcar leasing company whose goal is to provide customers with equipment and responsive fleet management services.
Porterbrook Leasing Company
Specializes in the leasing of all types of railway rolling stock and associated equipment.
Southern Rail Leasing
The Company operates four tomato repack plants, two fresh-cut vegetable plants, one fresh-cut fruit plant and one FOB sourcing and consolidation facility.
GE Transport International Pool
Provides the European market with rental, leasing and finance programs for road haulage and intermodal (combined road/rail transport) transportation equipment.
Chicago Freight Car Leasing
Full service operating leaser of covered hopper cars.
AAE Eisenbahnlinie Ahaus-Alstätte
Provides railway services between Ahaus and Alstatte as well as rail car rental and leasing services.
Joseph Transportation
Specialist in the finance, locomotives, buying, selling and leasing of railcars and other assets.
Western Railroad Equipment Company
Provides rail car leasing to short line carriers.
General American Transportation
Provider of rail transportation solutions worldwide.
Classic Rail Cars
Classic Rail Cars owns and operates nine railroad passenger cars that are available for lease or charter.
David J. Joseph Company
One of DJJ’s sister companies, provides comprehensive transportation services; Joseph Transportation owns and operates an active portfolio of leased railcars serving railroads and industry, Joseph Transportation
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