Publications Related to Rail Transportation and Intermodal Rails Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Streamline Shippers Assn
Handles thousands of International and Domestic freight movements, comprised of full loads and less-than-full loads. Full service, not-for-profit, shipper’s association.
Railpace Newsmagazine
Brings the latest news about Northeastern railroading (Ohio to Maine, Quebec to Virginia)
Railway Exchange
Rail industry informational website.
Traffic World
Reports on traffic, imports, transportation, foreign investments , global trade, exports, finance and markets, logistics, energy, insurance and more.
Altamonte Press' Newsline
Provides information online regarding the rail industry with photo's and articles.
Making Tracks
Official publication of the California Department of Transportation's Rail Program.
Train Magazines
Magazines for the model railroader and train enthusiast. affiliate
European Railway News
News posted on the internet about the rail industry in Europe.
Journal of Commerce Online
Publishes trade, transportation and logistics business news.
RailTech Software Systems
Provides software to the railroad industry.
Railway Age
Online source for late breaking rail industry news.
Information on model trains, railroading, rail travel and train shops.
Transport News
Provides links to air, trucking, international, rail, and ocean transportation. Daily online guide to the transportation industry.
Blanchard's Rail Week
Online newsletter providing email updates to rail professionals about the rail industry.
Erik's Rail News
Rail News from around the world updated a few times a week.
Flimsies West
Twice monthly news magazine on the hobby of rail fanning.
Features include: Union Pacific Yellow Pages, Short Lines, Postcards, The New York Central Page, and a special section to railroading in one small town. Information for Railfans on prototype railroads.
Railway Track & Structures Magazine
Online source for late breaking rail industry news.
RAIL Chicago's RAIL News
Covers the news, legislation, trends and developments that directly affect rail operations.
Railway Preservation News
Online magazine of railway history and preservation.
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