Organizations for the Rail and Intermodal Transportation Facility and Intermodal Rails Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Institute of Transportation Engineers
Professional organization promoting the planning, implementation, design and maintenance of surface transportation systems
Community of European Railways (CER)
Association that promotes the development of rail as essential to the creation of an efficient and environmentally sound transport system.
Railway Legislative Action Committee (RLAC)
We are a non-profit, all volunteer group of railroad employees (Sponsored by TCU System Board 86) who are using the political system to bring our message directly to our legislative representatives in Washington, DC.
Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA)
Labor union for travel and transportation industry workers in the UK and Ireland.
Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)
Association representing the interests of Britain's 25 passenger train companies.
National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP)
National group whose primary goal is more and better train service.
Southern Coalition for Advanced Transportation (SCAT)
Designed to help members keep up-to-date with the future of electric and hybrid-electric transportation technologies, high speed rail and other innovations, and the emerging advanced transportation industry.
Rail Application Special Interest Group
Facilitates productivity improvements and growth in the rail industry through application of management science techniques.
Railway Enthusiasts Society
The largest railway preservation society in New Zealand.
Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts
A non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational, historical corporation, organized for the promotion of public interest and understanding of railroads.
20th Century Railroad Club
Members of the club participate in chartered rail trips and serve as volunteer rail workers. Chicago, Illinois based rail enthusiats club.
Transportation Technology Center
The center is owned by the Federal Railroad Administration and is operated in the private sector by the Association of American Railroads. Intermodal research and test center that offers a wide range of capabilities.
Union of European Railway Industries (UNIFE)
Represents companies responsible for the design, maintenance and refurbishment of guided land transport systems, manufacture and related equipment.
International Union of Railways (UIC)
Today it is the worldwide organization for cooperation among railway companies. Associations aim of creating uniform conditions for the establishment and operation of railways.
National Association of Rail Shippers (NARS)
Provides common ground between rail owners, vendors and users to establish transportation requirements and ensure a smooth transition from the present era to the future in the rail industry.
Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
Labor organization representing railroad signal workers throughout the US.
Rail Passenger Association of California
Information on rail advocacy in the State of California.
National Federation of Rail Societies
The coordinating society for rail and tramway groups in New Zealand.
Transportation Comunications International Union (TCU)
Group whose purpose is to give a voice to those in the railway industry work force.
Railway Association of Canada (RAC)
The RAC is the industry association of freight, passenger and commuter railways that operate throughout Canada.
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