Equipment and Supplies for the Rail and Intermodal and Intermodal Rails Guide - Transportation and logistics Review

Gerep Maschinenbau GmbH
Designs include: shock absorber for motor cars, hydraulic brakes, rail-born vehicles, machines and devices, hydraulic vibration brakes
Northwest Milling Company
They currently have a capacity of 3,000,000 ties. Wholesale supplier of quality softwood and hardwood railroad crossties.
Serrmi Products
Manufacturer of signal and communication equipment for the rail industry.
Frit Car, Railcar Repair Facility
Certified facilities monitor all scheduling, maintenance, repair and quality control to ensure that cars are handled quickly and cost-effectively.
Boatright & Big Train
Supplies short line railroads with HyRail equipment, tampers and regulators, vegetation control services and a full line of safety equipment.
Industrial Railcar Movers
Suppliers of new, used and rebuilt mobile rail car movers for North American customers.
American Steel Foundries
The company also manufactures fifth wheels used in highway trucking. Products are sold to the rairoad, agricultural, construction and minin. Manufacturer of steel castings for railroad freight cars and truck tractors and hot wound coil springs.
MotivePower Industries
Source for systems, productivity, services and products that help customers improve the safety and capacity of their equipment -- from the locomotive to the end of the train.
Standard Car Truck
Designers of Barber stabilization systems for railroad cars.
FM/ALCO Engines
Diesel engines, parts and service for locomotive, marine and stationary applications.
National Railway Supply
Supplier of battery and battery charger technology for the rail, self-diagnosis, AC line compensation, and power industry that require temperature compensation, lightweight, marine and constant voltage capability.
Atlantic Track & Turnout Company
A worldwide supplier of both new and used rail-related products.
Designers of rail trains, monorails, road trains, electric trains, and custom designed museum and custom designed museum, historical and theme models.
S & C Distribution
Manufacturer of signal and communication equipment for railroads and rail transit systems.
Pohl Corp.
Manufacturer of rails, spikes, gauge rods , turnouts, track bolts, switches and switch stands.
Pacific Northern Rail Contractors
Provides complete construction services, material supplies and specialized railway equipment to Class 1 railroads, transit authorities and industrial facilities.
Interstate Diesel & McBee Supply
Provide replacement parts and remanufactured fuel injection, engine parts and gaskets for heavy equipment.
VAE Africa
Producers of sleepers, switches, trackwork and crossings in Africa.
Twinco Manufacturing
Manufacturer of a variety of rail and tranist products.
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