Software for Groupware and Strategic knowledge management Guide - Management Review

ReferencePoint Project Groupware Software
ReferencePoint is a web based, knowledge management system that manages projects and related documents. Try our managed hosting or inhouse deployement
Business software development company specializing in designing and developing database-driven business applications.
Applica, Inc.
The company also is a value-added reseller for Novell systems. Products are sold to resellers, VARs, developers and dealers. This company was capitalized by private investme. Developer of multiuser operating systems software for 1 to 67 users.
Groupware Software: GoalCentrix Inc
GoalCentrix is your knowledge management resource. GoalCentrix allows leaders to view the activity of their entire organization, in graphic detail.
Software to connect LAN based e-mail systems to the internet., Inc.
The software runs on Windows, NT, UNIX and Macintosh platforms. Products and services are provided to meeting planners. This company was capitalized by venture. Developer of software to operate online business reservation and meeting services.
ACT! Customer Management Software
ACT! CRM offers something for business of all sizes. Learn why good Customer Management Software doesn't have to be expensive.
Automation Centre
Products and services are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Developer of groupware software and providing groupware integration services.
Ventana Corp.
Software runs on PCs with DOS and Windows systems. Products are sold to multiple industries. Developer of groupware/meeting software.
Developer of stand-alone applications for the iSeries 400 (AS/400), help desk, including an automatic source archive and address book.
Services are provided to multiple industries. Provider of electronic mail, Internet access, hosting, web site development and messaging systems integration services.
Microsoft Exchange Server
Home page for Microsoft's Exchange groupware platform, with features such as messaging, scheduling and online forms.
Hoover's: Groupware Software
Provides in-depth business and public/private company information, financials, competitors , industry overviews, officers, including profiles and news.
Develops ISDNShare and distributes Helios Software and UGSexclusive to the UK. Specializes in high-performance networking and workflow products for the publishing, graphics and pre-press industries.
File-exchange program to exchange data between two computers by way the of parallel printer interface.
LogMeIn: Groupware Software
Includes secure, multiple-user access and file access with rapid deployment. Offers remote access to a PC from any Web browser or PDA.
Planet, Ltd.
Developer of local area network/intranet software, IntraEditor(tm), Planet Intra(tm) Version 2.3, which provides applications for document management and calendar scheduling; and an Internet publishing tool
WebEx: Web Meeting Application
Free trial. An interactive meeting service that enables web conferencing, video conferencing and teleconferencing through its secure, global network.
Same-Page: Groupware Software
Features file sharing, scheduling, and task management. Provides web-based project management and intranet/extranet software for online collaboration.
Uwe Gohlke Software (UGS )
Provides consultancy, presentation, installation and technical support for Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and Windows-based systems. Software developer focusing on Helios EtherShare servers.
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