Service Providers for Groupware Application and Strategic knowledge management Guide - Management Review

CyberSERV, Inc.
Products and services are . Provider of web page design, web graphic design, database programming, web site administration, Internet systems consulting, nettwork consulting, Internet hosting and custom applications software programming services.
Provider of a virtual workspace that includes email, a project manager, file storage , a calendar, an address book, to-do lists and sharing and wireless access.
Web-based applications that enable geographically dispersed team members to work on the same media-rich projects simultaneously.
Application service provider of B2B applications by Microsoft, Excelon, Surity Logic and others.
Online Decision Management From Decideware
Provider of a decision management application that is accessed via the Internet.
eRoom Technology, Inc.
Developer of outsourced applications that enable a shared workspace and direct communication amongst team members despite geographical obstacles.
A free Windows software that enables the creation and sharing of photos, journals, reports and catalogs.
Provider of web-based information management tools featuring advanced web mail, tasks, collaborative group scheduling and notes for access online.
Hosted group calendar application that runs on every web server and operates in mixed-application or mixed-framework environments.
The Media Shoppe
Producer of web-based applications for collaboration and information sharing.
Web-based application that enables staff, team memebers, partners and clients to have instant access to collaborate on projects from a web browser.
Application service provider offering applications for group calendaring, reminders, in/out boards, to-do lists and project management to the European small to medium-sized business market.
Provider of web-based team collaboration software and services.
Power Meeting Online Office
Provider of applications for delivering html, flash and powerpoint presentations via the Internet.
FireDrop, Inc.
The software turns static e-mail into active documents that are update remotely and include graphical and interactive capabilities. They can be shared among multiple recipients. So. Developer of Zaplet(tm), Internet instant messaging software.
Copper Key Technologies, Inc.
The software provides a unified information portal to the enterprise for improving quality and timeliness of operations and decision support systems. This includes . Developer of a browser-based software suite available through online services.
Creator of hosted applications that enable team members to maintain an up-to-date central repository of scheduling, phonebooks and tasks that can be accessed via any Internet browser.
Scalable software solution that allows organizations to set up an intranet or add additional functionalities to an existing intranet.
Synchronicity, Inc.
Developer of web-based enterprise and business-to-business solutions for use in and among teams designing complex electronic products.
Business plan writing application that gives people access regardless of location.
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