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The Knowledge Factor
Published in CIO Magazine and written by Perry Glasser in June 1999. An article which discusses how companies need to balance what they know with what they do.
Playing An Integral Role In Knowledge Management
Because knowledge management (KM) is based on the concept of knowledge instead of binary bits of data, information system (IS) managers must adopt a new set of strategies in order to become key players in KM which requires IS managers to sharpen.
Sveiby Toolkit, The
A support system for consultants, chief knowledge officers (CKO) and individuals who wish to create a knowledge-focused strategy within organizations.
Knowledge Management Resource
A synopsis and evaluation of key knowledge management services, books, including online resources and magazines.
Knowledge Management: Making Sense of an Oxymoron
Written by David Skyrme Associates and focuses on whether knowledge can be managed.
Sustaining the Ecology of Knowledge
John Seely Brown, chief scientist of Xerox Corporation and director of its Palo Alto Research Center discusses the new law of knowledge.
Chief Knowledge Officer: Critical Success Factors for Knowledge Management
This article examines attributes of the Chief Knowledge Officer's position and the backgrounds of the people who fill it.
Knowledge Management—Emerging Perspectives
Articles, resources and links to knowledge management.
Knowledge Management for E-Business Performance: Advancing Information Strategy to ‘Internet Time’
The key argument of this article is that most current interpretations of knowledge management are relevant to the industrial world of business of the past era.
Harnessing Corporate Knowledge
Information Week article on corporate plans to link collaboration and transaction systems.
Knowledge Management, Round Two
November, 1999 article published in CIO Magazine and written by Thomas H. Davenport. Discusses where knowledge management is headed.
Does KM = IT? - Intellectual Capitalism
The article unravels three myths that are often associated with the 'leveraging' effect of information technology on knowledge m. A September, 1999 article in CIO Magazine which discusses equating knowledge management with information technology.
Hidden Gold
A resource for knowledge management issues and topics.
Knowledge Management
Improve customer service with self- learning, scalable & proven system.
Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems
Slide presentation by Maryam Alavi, 1997.
Creating the Knowledge-based Business
Written by David J. Skyrme and Debra M. Amidon. Identifies and analyzes key processes, techniques and tools for creating and harnessing knowledge.
A Component Based Knowledge Management System
Written by Tom Finneran, consultant with CIBER. Discusses using component architecture design approach to knowledge management.
WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management
Portal providing news, information and other resources on knowledge management.
Portal Knowledge
Article profiles four products that stress the best of enterprise portals and knowledge management to build a case for knowledge mangement's elusive return on investment. Knowledge Management
A collection of business publications and articles related to knowledge management (KM).
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