Organizations for Knowledge Management and Strategic knowledge management Guide - Management Review

Society of Knowledge and Competitive Intelligence Practitioners Australasia
Industry group focused on the ways organizations use competitive intelligence (CI) and knowledge management (KM) to compete more effectively.
Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
Conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the effectiveness of Knowledge Management activities.
Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB)
Independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to set professional standards and provide certification for knowledge management professionals.
W. Edwards Deming Institute
The aim of The Institute is to foster understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge to advance commerce, prosperity and peace.
Knowledge Management Consortium International
Devoted to developing a balanced view of knowledge management from the context of an organization for the purpose of creating knowledge management standards.
Twin Cities Knowledge Management Forum
Shares non-proprietary best practices in the field of Knowledge Management for the mutual benefit of all members.
Knowledge Management
Self-learning, organizing, and maintaining allows scalability
International Institute of Knowledge Management
Resources for executives and managers to enhance Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement performance by identifying, valuing and managing intangibles.
Information Continuum Group, The
Located in Melbourne, Australia. Aims to investigate the nature of data, information and knowledge, and to discover the implications of these for knowledge management.
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