Knowledge Management White Papers and Strategic knowledge management Guide - Management Review

Managing Codified Knowledge
Zack, Sloan Management Review, Summer, 1999. Written by Michael H.
E-Business and E-Commerce
May 31, 20. Provides an introduction to ebusiness and ecommerce providing definitions, current market information and the two main points of disintermediation and value chain integration as stated by the Gartner Group, IDC and Forrester research.
Process To Product: Creating Tools for Knowledge Management
Written by Charles Jackson for the Brint Institute. A working paper whose objective is to provide an outline of the general and specific technology issues relating to development of electronic knowledge management tools.
K-solutions on Knowledge Management
White paper on the topic of knowledge management and the benefits it provides.
From Information Management to Knowledge Management
White paper on the need for synergy between innovation and creativity of humans and the advanced capabilities of new information technologies.
From Information to Knowledge Management: Are You Prepared?
Skyrme. White paper delivered at OnLine 1997 by Dr David J.
Role of Project Management in Knowledge Management, The
The basics of knowledge management and project-management duties.
Knowledge Management for the New World of Business
Proposes a definition of Knowledge Management that goes beyond the quickfix solutions or unidimensional views. White paper by Yogesh Malhotra, Ph.D., 1998.
Performance Measures in the New Knowledge Economy
A 1994 white paper conducted by the Task Force to Review the Ontario Technology Fund to study the transition from the old economy to the knowledge-based economy.
KPMG: Knowledge Management Research Report
White paper on the effects of knowledge management.
Knowledge Management: Big Challenges, Big Rewards
Supplemental article published in CIO Magazine, September 1999.
Some Principles of Knowledge Management
Davenport, PhD, Graduate School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, 1998. White paper written by Thomas H.
Developing a Knowledge Strategy
Zack, from California Management Review, 1999. Written by Michael H.
Connected Enterprise, The
Written by K-Solutions. Defines connectivity as the communication, coordination and collaboration within a business, between businesses or between a business and its partners.
Team Knowledge Management: A Computer-Mediated Approach
Written by Dr. John Gundry, Knowledge Ability Ltd. and Dr. George Metes, Virtual Learning System. An exploration how conferencing and group collaboration systems capture and manage team knowledge in the context of agile strategic competitiveness.
I'net Strategy Overview
Written by K-solutions. Used as a communication aid to allow a better understanding of the Strategy for Iínet.
Hunter-Gatherers of the Knowledge Economy
Written by David Berreby and published in Strategy & Business, 1999.
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