Organizations for Risk Management and Risk management Guide - Management Review

University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA)
Site provides information for risk management in education. Association of risk, insurance and employee benefits managers in colleges or universities.
Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
Center within the Harvard University School of Public Health whose is mission to promote reasoned public responses to health, safety and environmental hazards by taking a broader view.
Public Risk Database Project (PRDP)
Nonprofit corporation whose objective is to create a national database that will help public officials improve the performance of their risk programs, make better policy decisions and control risk financing losses.
Australian Institute for Risk Management (AIRM)
Organization formed to promote excellence in the profession of risk management.
Decision Research
Research organization dedicated to helping individuals, industry, government and society understand and cope with the complex and often risky decisions of modern life.
Site has links to events and conferences as well as a directory of disaster recovery and contingency services and products. Professional membership group web site for business continuity management professionals.
American Risk & Insurance Association
Professional association of insurance and risk management scholars and professionals.
Association of Insurance and Risk Managers (AIRMIC)
Organization dedicated to the interests of professionals practicing or responsible for insurance and risk management.
Public Utilities Risk Management Association (PURMA)
Nonprofit organization founded to provide publicly owned utilities information, insurance, education and business solutions to their risk management and business development needs.
Public Agency Risk Managers Association (PARMA)
Association formed for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of ideas and innovative approaches toward risk management programs in governmental agencies.
Risk Management?
Hoffmann Risk Management Preventief management ten top!
Geneva Association
International organization formed by chief executive officers of insurance companies in Western Europe, the US and Japan in order to research the economic importance of worldwide insurance activities.
Nonprofit Risk Management Center
Information resource for publications, training and consulting related to controlling risks in a nonprofit work environment.
Risk Theory Society
Self-administered organization within the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) whose purpose is to foster research into topics in risk theory and risk management.
Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI)
Resource for public, private, and nonprofit organizations in the practical enhancement of risk management.
Association of Risk and Insurance Managers of Australasia (ARIMA)
Nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the discipline and practice of risk management.
Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
Web site contains a library of papers, articles and newsletters. Nonprofit, independent organization of financial risk management practitioners and researchers.
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