Transcription and Translation Services and Operation management Guide - Management Review

Bright Eyes Typing & Transcription Services
Home-based business providing outsourced manuscript typing, audio transcription and copy editing services.
Writer's Cramp
Company offering transcription services including personal dictation, one-on-one interviews, telephone conferences and focus groups.
Highscribe Transcription Services
Transcription service provider of documentary production, advertising, marketing and legal industries.
Fantastic Transcripts
Company that specializes in transcribing technical, financial and high-tech audio into text, business
Hired Hand Transcription
Company specializing in the transcription of audio and video cassettes, interviews, focus groups , speeches, documentaries, recorded meetings and audio files.
Company offering transcription services for conference proceedings, interviews, speeches and business meetings.
A Transcription 2000 Services
Provider of tape transcription services for business, legal, government and entertainment industries.
Transcription Express
Family-owned and operated business that specializes in transcription, resume preparation and word processing services.
JR Word Specialists
Company providing dictation and transcription services.
STAT Group
Company offering audio and video transcription and website design services to the growing small business and professional online communities.
WH Transcription Service
Company specializing in transcription notes for analysis of focus groups and interviews.
Virtual office offering services in word processing, typing assistance, audio and legal transcription, office administration and support and facsimile services.
Transcription Services
Access to 1000s of Professionals. Quick & Easy Project Outsourcing.
Women-owned provider of audiotape, videotape and digital transcription services to numerous court systems, medical facilities and insurance companies throughout the United States.
G&L Transcription of NJ
Company providing transcription services from audio and video cassettes and digital sound files for meetings, interviews, conferences
Nation-Wide Reporting & Convention Coverage
Provider of audio recording at conferences and in courtrooms, legal videotaping, translation , audio and stenotype reporting for US government agencies, simultaneous interpreting, transcription services and cassette duplication.
DBS Associates
Provider of professional tape transcription services and administrative support to individuals and companies.
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