Software for Packaged Supply Chain Management and Operation management Guide - Management Review

Steelwedge: Packaged SCM Solutions
Drive demand planning, forecasting, S&OP and supply-demand planning processes. Forecsating and planning best practice information.
i2 Technologies
A provider of supply chain optimization solutions; software provides comprehensive decision support across both inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise supply chains.
Can automate critical business processes such as customer relations, supply chain management, procurement and financial services and sell-side/buy-side e-commerce.
Demand Solutions
Provider of forecast management/supply chain management software; pre-sales presentations, implementation, software sales and installation, product support and training.
Provider of integrated, best-of-breed supply chain and customer relationship management applications.
Xelus, Inc
Provider of service optimization and e-commerce solutions; offers solutions that range from helping a company automate its planning function for the first time, to providing tools for collaborative planning and Web-based sourcing.
Provider of applications directed at improving the design, ordering, inventory management and supplier management processes.
Logistics Planning Associates
It contains integrated sales forecasting, distribution requirements planning and production scheduling modules. Manufacturer of a high-tech, low-cost supply chain planning software system for Windows.
Web-based supply chain solutions for the packaging industry.
Developer of software ranging from customer relationship management and enterprise manufacturing applications, to database management systems.
LIS Warehouse Systems
A leading provider of supply chain execution solutions for complex warehouse and distribution operations.
Leading provider of eBusiness solutions that enable intelligent decisions across trading networks.
CMS Consultants: Packaged Supply Chain Management Software
Lower costs via productivity features, gain global visibility and business intelligence tools. Develops enterprise, multi-carrier shipping solutions.
Chainalytics: SCM Solutions
Includes supply chain network design, transportation planning, & inventory planning. Offers supply chain consulting & outsourcing services.
Advance Process Combinatorics (APC)
Specializes in Advanced Planning and Scheduling and Supply Chain Management software using advanced combinatorial optimization techniques.
GT Nexus
Offers shippers, freight forwarders, and transportation carriers a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions to optimize the flow of information and work across the entire global transportation value chain.
HK Systems
Industries served include automotive, consumer goods, and paper and publishing. Provider of integrated supply-chain solutions.
Manhattan Associates
Manufacturers of supply chain synchronization systems, retailers, transportation providers , distributors, suppliers, providing warehouse and transportation management solutions for manufacturers and consumers.
Provider of supply chain management solutions, order management, including warehouse management and freight management and delivery tracking systems.
EXE Technologies
Provider of supply chain execution software featuring Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
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