Management of Inventory Materials and Operation management Guide - Management Review

Mitas Group, Inc. (The)
The accounting software includes general ledger, payroll, accounts receivable/payable, housing finance management, public housing management and time and billing software. The . Developer of accounting, retail and materials management software.
Articles by Jon Schreibfeder
Recent articles by Jon Schreibfeder, president of Effective Inventory Management, on various inventory-related topics and subject matter.
Performance Measurements!
Jordan, a Certified Management Consultant; published by the Center for inventory Management. Paper by Henry H.
Videx, Inc.
Manufacturer of portable, building security, field inspections , warehousing, asset tracking, durable and programmable data collectors utilized in applications such as inventory and virtually any application requiring data collection at the work .
Managing Inventory
Article by Lonnie Robertson on efficient systems of counting and maintaining inventory; published by the Automotive Service Association.
NxTrend Technology, Inc.
Applications include inventory management, order processing, customer service, warehouse logistics and strategic business analysis. The software runs on UNIX systems. Products are sold to. Developer of Trend(R), WDS-II(tm)and SHMS(R) software.
Traker Systems: Inventory Control
Includes manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse management and asset tracking. Designs inventory control software for US based companies.
Inventory Control Forum
Site dedicated to inventory control and management; lists sites, articles, and resources on related topics.
TinkerShop Inventory and Material Management
Online program that allows users to forecast future inventory needs, and determind order scenarios; published by the TinkerShop, calculate inventory reorder point and platforms.
Adjusted Gross Margin, A Better Gauge of Profitability
Article by Jon Schreibfeder, president of Effective Inventory Management; cited by Associated Equipment Distributors.
Industry Research- Material Handling Industry Total US Consumption
Statistics and research on the material handling industry; published by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA).
Center For Inventory Management (CIM) Newsletter
Site lists multiple articles on inventory management and related subjects in supply chain management and logistics.
The Stockroom
Articles on inventory issues and topics.
Adaco: Inventory Materials and Management
Designed specifically for the Hotel Industry. Affordable purchasing and inventory management software that automates many functions.
Tips & Techniques
Recchia Consulting Services in Tips and Techniques Magazine. Articles published by Susan M.
Zebra Technologies: Inventory & Materials Management
Offers inventory management solutions designed to help businesses label, maintain, track and control inventory while increasing productivity.
MJF Associates
The software is an integrated accounting system for fuel oil distributors, which is used for delivery scheduling, tank reconciliation, inventory control and general . Developer of accounting software and provider of computer consulting services.
Can You Profit From Improved Inventory Control?
magazine by Rick Lavely that pertains to inventory control. Article from AutoInc.
Market Analysis by Industry
MHIA page linking various statistics on multiple subjects and topics.
The software includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, payroll and inventory management capabilities and runs on IBM PCs and compatibles. Products are sold to mul. Developer of accounting and inventory management software.
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