MPI Improvement of Manufacturing Process and Operation management Guide - Management Review

Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Network of manufacturing extension centers providing small and medium-sized manufacturers with the help they need to succeed.
Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Network of manufacturing extension centers providing small and medium-sized manufacturers with the help they need to succeed.
Industrial & Technology Assistance Corporation
Provider of technical and business services to help manufacturing companies compete regionally, nationally and globally.
Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership
National network of services to assist smaller manufacturers in becoming globally competitive.
Central New York Technology Development Organization (CNYTDO)
Nonprofit organization working with technology and manufacturing companies to develop business strategies, implement technologies and smooth the transition from startups to mature organizations.
South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Resource for South Carolina manufacturers, providing them with technological, workplace and business solutions that improve their industrial competitiveness.
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
Provider of services enabling small Texas manufacturers to compete better in the international marketplace.
North Carolina State University Industrial Extension Service
Provider of engineering, technology and industrial management assistance and education to help North Carolina industries gain a competitive advantage.
Edison Industrial Systems Center
Network of manufacturers dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of Ohio businesses through practical and cost-effective technological solutions.
Montana Manufacturing Extension Center
Provider of managerial assistance for Montana manufacturers in partnership with other public and private resources.
Plastics Technology Deployment Center
Manufacturing outreach center for plastics designers and manufacturers specializing in plastics engineering and manufacturing support.
Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana
Provider of business and technical assistance to small and mid-sized manufacturing firms throughout Louisiana.
Oklahoma Alliance For Manufacturing Excellence
Provider of leadership and assistance to Oklahoma manufacturers to help them become progressively more successful in their marketplace.
Hudson Valley Technology Development Center
Provider of business and technology resources for inventors, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and technology-based businesses.
North Dakota Economic Development and Finance
State agency that counsels companies on export procedures, international marketing, banking and financing.
Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension
Provider of assistance that enables manufacturers in Puerto Rico to implement modern manufacturing practices, technologies and techniques.
Iowa Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Provider of technical and business assistance to small and mid-sized manufacturers.
Idaho TechHelp
Provider of business resources for Idaho manufacturers through partnerships with universities, state bodies and federal agencies.
Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center
Provider of services to help manufacturers in Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming increase sales, Missouri and quality while reducing costs.
Southwestern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (SPIRC)
Nonprofit economic development organization that provides technical consulting services and assistance to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in southwestern Pennsylvania.
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