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Business Process Reengineering & Innovation
An index of all aspects of business process redesign and process innovation to serve the organization's process design and client server needs.
Business Engineering and Process Redesign in Higher Education: Art or Science?
Presented by the University of Minnesota, December 8,. Explores policy and operational issues associated with optimizing the return on an organizationís investment in enterprise transactional systems via business engineering and process redesign.
Business Process Redesign: An Overview
26, No. 3, Fall 1998, by Yogesh Malhotra. IEEE Engineering Management Review, Vol.
Constrained Change: Unconstrained Results
Bennett, in the Journal of Strategy & Business, a publication of Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Report by Jeffrey W.
Enterprise Systems: The Big Switch: Would You Shut Down Your Business to Bring Up A New System?
Discusses Quantum Corporation's decision to overhaul its worldwide business systems. A February 15, 1997 article published in CIO Magazine and written by Lynda Radosevich.
Reengineering Design Toolkit
Includes team preparation, benchmarking and business process design. Describes the steps needed for business process reengineering.
The Fad That Forgot People
Published in Fast Company, November 1995. Thomas Davenport explains the iron triangle that turned a modest idea into a destructive fad -- and offers advice on how to avoid the next one.
Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide
From the US General Accounting Office.
Overview Article on Enterprise Architecture
1996, Yogesh Malhotra, Ph.D., @BRINT Institute. An article which attempts to take a holistic view of diverse technical interpretations.
Some Companies Reengineer Without Consultants
A 1996 article written by Randy Barrett on companies that reengineer without consultants because of large amounts of money paid to external consultants in the name of business process reengineering.
SAP: Breaking the Rules
A 1996 CIO Magazine article which aims to provide the best way to restructure an organization's processes.
Business Process Workflow
Easy to use and implement. Map workflow and processes.
Determining & Implementing Best Practices / Best Practices Taxonomy
Presented by Louisiana State University. Determines a best practice approach to reengineering.
Modeling the Organization
Written by Eric S. K. Yu, John Mylopoulos and Yves Lesperance, University of Toronto. Describes new concepts and tools for reengineering.
BPM Basics: Business Process Information Resources
Understand the basics, explore the concept, and find the benefits. Find information and resources on business process management at
BPubs - Business Process Reengineering
A collection of business publications and articles related to business process reengineering.
Business Case Toolkit
Information on how to create a business case for change and develop a cost-benefit analysis.
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