Applications of Statistics Software and Operation management Guide - Management Review

CyTEL Software Corporation
Developers of StatXact, a software package for exact nonparametric statistical inference on continuous or categorical data.
StataCorp LP
Some applications include biomedical and quality control applications. The software runs on IBM PCs and UNIX based computers including Sun, AT&T and HP 9000. Products are sold to multi. Developer of statistical software which has general uses.
Developer of quality improvement software technologies for the manufacturing and healthcare markets.
Accumetric Corporation
Produces software for the evaluation of diagnostic test performance.
SG Mobile for handheld devices. SG Centurion for Windows desktops.
Scolari Sage Publications
Designer and publisher of statistical software application.
Provides economical software solutions for businesses and industries through advanced technologies, open software standard, and joint corporations.
A technical computing portal for scientific and engineering disciplines; owned by MathWorks..
Circle Systems-Stat/Transfer
Developers of Stat/Transfer, software and services designed to simplify the transfer of statistical data between different programs.
Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc.
Products and services are sold to multiple industries. Provider of custom applications software programming services, specializing in mathematical software.
ESB Consultancy
Developers of mathematical and statistical software and components for Borland Delphi.
Provider of software solution for sampling probabilities plans.
Expert Health Health Data Programming
Helps customers with analyzing complex health-related data sets with specific software solutions.
Product of Method and Data Technologies, providers of software solutions for statistical methods and applied data analysis.
Aptech Systems, Inc.
Products are sold to educational institutions, banks , insurance agencies and brokerages. Developer of scientific data analysis software.
Provider of software solutions serving the technical graphics, engineers, data analysis and data acquisition needs of scientists and software developers.
Digital Computations
Provides statistical software that integrates into Excel spreadsheets.
GraphPad Software, Inc.
The software runs on both the PC and Macintosh platforms. Products are sold to the medical industry, universities and research facilities. This company was capitalized by private investment. Developer of statistical and data analysis software.
Develops and sells technical solutions and software for optimization of processes, products and instruments.
ExpenseWatch: Statistical Method Software
Allows organizations to control spending at the point of purchase without committing the resources required by enterprise software applications.
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