Management of operations


Analysis of Time Series
Publications Related to Operations Management
Consultancy for the Six Sigma
Software for Process Management
Publications Related to Quality Management
Consultancy for the Quality Standards
Quality Management System and Standards
Six Sigma and Black Belt Certification
Six Sigma and TQM
Transfer of Technology
Deming Theory of Management
ISO Quality Management Standards
Lean and Six Sigma
Internet Communities for Risk Management
Distance Education for Operations Management
Quality Assurance and Control
Software for Business Risk Management and Operations
Communities for Online Operations Management
Consultancy for the Quality Management
DOE - Taguchi Design of Experiments System
Purchasing and Operations Management
Knowledge Resources for Purchasing and Procurement
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Organizations for Purchasing
Enterprise Resource Planning and Material Management
Electronic Procurement
Procurement Policy in Government
Knowledge Resources for Supply Chain Management
Applications of Techniques in Transportation Planning
ERP - Enterprise Resource Management and Planning
Organizations for Inventory Management
Master Production Planning and Scheduling Techniques
Consultancy for the Purchasing
Software for Purchasing
Organizations and Management of Supply Chain Structure
Planning for Contingency
Planning by Demand
Purchasing Professionals Education and Training
Consultancy for the Enterprise and Process Planning
Electronic Supply Chain Management
JIT - Just In Time Technique
MRP2 - Planning of Manufacturing Resource
ERP Manufacturing Midmarket
Consultancy for the Supply Chain
Management of Supply Chain
Software for Demand Planning
Project Ideas Feasibility Studies
MRP - Planning of Material Requirements
Knowledge Resources for Project Management
Organizations for Project Management
Process and Operations Management