Software for Business Risk Management and Operations and Management of operations Guide - Management Review

Company provides financial engineering services, analytics integration, including model validation, risk advisory and front-office analytics.
Company that delivers derivatives analytics and exotic options through their Tanenbaum Option Pricing Software (TOPS) system.
Decisioneering, Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Developer of risk analysis and forecasting software for Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
AFA Systems
Multilocation, treasury, multi-entity global trading system that includes pricing and straight-through processing (STP) in a real-time and risk management application.
Supplier of investment management and treasury management systems in northern Europe.
Subsidiary of Computer Sciences Corp. Provider of technology solutions to the insurance and financial services industries including mainframe, risk management and ebusiness applications.
Triple Point Technology
Supplier of commodities trading software, middle and back-office solution for traders, systems and services, including an integrated front and back-office solution for traders, trading management and IT officers.
Innova Financial Solutions
Company produces RM Online, a web-based, market risk management product using RiskMetrics.
Weather Risk Advisory
Company providing weather risk management software and consulting services, including weather risk quantification, hedging strategy implementation and development and business consulting.
International Financial Services (IFS)
Software development company that specializes in developing collateralized trading, ecommerce and risk management software for the international financial markets.
SnapDragon Systems
Software manufacturer providing technical analysis software, historic data, trade station programming, online trading and consulting and trading consulting.
Financial Risk Management Software Directory
Compare financial risk management software using Capterra's free, comprehensive directory.
Operational Risk Software
control-ES manages operational risk within business process frameworks
Software products include RiskManager, CreditManager, CDO Model and PensionManager. Provider of risk measurement products and tools, including software, education, data and RiskGrades.
Software reduces risk by enabling real-time communication and collaboration among project team members. Software application service provider (ASP) for the building and construction industry.
Provider of integrated front- and back-office systems to handle derivatives trading in the areas of foreign exchange, energy and commodities, stocks and interest rates.
Reuters Risk Management
Company provides a range of information services, software and consultancy to support all stages of the trading and risk management process.
Lombard Risk Management
Software and consulting firm specializing in systems problem-solving, risk management, credit risk and operational risk for the financial industry.
Company providing interest rate and financial derivatives risk software for risk managers and auditors.
Xenomorph Software
Provider of trading and risk management systems and consultancy services to traders, quants, risk managers and systems developers in the finance industry.
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