Six Sigma and TQM and Management of operations Guide - Management Review

Sigma Leaders
Company providing six sigma training and consulting services.
Pivotal Resources: Six Sigma
Consulting and training firm that focuses on organizational improvement through the implementation of Six Sigma, Lean and related methodologies.
Six Sigma For Manufacturing And Non-manufacturing Processes
Explanation and examples of Six Sigma origins and practices presented and authored by Air Academy Associates.
NetReflector, Inc.: Six Sigma
Powerful online data collection tool, expert analysis and reporting. Retain your customers by measuring, analyzing and improving customer service.
Vintara: Six Sigma
Offers web-based enterprise quality and process management solutions for the international accredited environments of Six Sigma and ISO 9000. Six Sigma
Offers online Six Sigma training, including Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt courses.
Strategyn: Creative Strategic Planning
Create new market opportunities with outcome-driven innovation. Marketing Ideas tailor-made for Fortune 1000 companies.
SigmaXL: Six Sigma
Ideal for Six Sigma training. Download a free 30-day trial. SigmaXL: Powerful, User-Friendly, Cost-Effective Statistical and Graphical Excel Add-In.
Breakthrough Management Group
Provider of six sigma training and consulting services.
HandySoft: BizFlow Six Sigma Workflow Software
Provider of enterprise workflow software with process modeling, automation and analysis functions to enable Six Sigma adaptation and implementation.
Quality & Productivity Solutions: Six Sigma, Lean and ISO
Training and Consulting to boost Six Sigma, Lean Techniques and Management System efforts for performance excellence.
Portal providing online Six Sigma training and free tutorials on a variety of topics including lean manufacturing, supply chain management and quality improvement.
Six Sigma Academy
Designed to transfer knowledge to employees, who in turn remove variation, reduce waste and increase efficiency and quality in the everyday processes of their business. Provider of Six Sigma training to industry-leading corporations worldwide.
Orient Point Consulting: Six Sigma Models
Free CoQ Models Webinar. These Cost of Poor Quality Models quickly solve the toughest problems in complex operations.
Smarter Solutions
Provider of 'Implementing Six Sigma: Smarter Solutions using Statistical Methods,' which contains associated tools and case studies.
Portal providing original articles, TQM, ISO Quality , professional development opportunities and resources in the areas of Six Sigma, Baldrige, free tools and general business management.
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