Electronic Supply Chain Management and Management of operations Guide - Management Review

Provider of consulting services in automating and integrating the merchandise supply chain process via the Internet for retailers, brand merchandisers and suppliers.
Vizional Technologies
A proactive transaction management tool to solve supply chain problems with Internet-based integration for access to logistics solutions.
Information on products that allow companies to automate cross-border trade.
Meridex Network
Portal of ecommerce and supply chain automation solutions and online trading exchange.
Based in Boulder, Colorado and has offices in Detroit and Chicago. Offers a complete supply chain execution application that could be offered and accessed over the Internet.
See Commerce
Web-centric applications allow business managers and executives to see and collaborate across the total supply chain through an information portal so they can proactively measure, monitor and exceed su.
Information on a product that calculates the total delivered cost of goods domestically and internationally, while taking into account source, destination and routing.
Supply Chain Management
Complete mid-range software suite. Manage effectively the supply chain
Provider of tools to allow companies to penetrate global markets and extend their supply chains.
GE Global Exchange Services
Global portal of supply chain links and information.
Manhattan Associates
Supplier of supply chain synchronization systems, distributors, suppliers, transportation providers , including manufacturers, retailers, providing warehouse and transportation management solutions and consumers.
BMC Magic Service Desk: E-Supply Chain Software
Provides software that can be deployed for a broad range of service and support functions to create a proactive service center.
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