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Curious Cat Deming Web
Comprehensive listing of Deming-related information, articles, and resources.
Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site
Edwards Deming), Systems Thinking, Statistical Process Control, Customer Focus, Joy in Work, . Aims to help Public Sector employees improve their organizations; focuses on the following methods of improvement: the System of Profound Knowledge (W.
The mission of Management Wisdom is to raise crucial questions that help individuals and organizations learn to practice systems thinking, continue to improve, seek appropriate advice and take action to succeed in the global economy.
Mechanisms, Organizations and Social Systems
Ackoff; Ackoff is sometimes refered to as 'the founding father of interactive planning.' By Jamshid Gharajedaghi and Russell L.
Three Experts on Quality Management
Gerald Suarez, published for the Department of the Navy; focuses on the teachings of Philip B. Crosby, W. Edawrds Deming, and Joseph M. Juran. Paper by J.
Curious Cat Management Improvement Books
Books relating to the Deming Philosophy.
The Deming Cooperative
W. Edwards Deming. Information about programs, seminars, discussion groups, consultants and materials that focus on the understanding and application of the work of Dr.
Center for Continuous Quality Improvement (CCQI)
A training center for preparing quality facilitators, advisors and representatives who will guide quality transformation to the Deming Management Method in their organizations.
Managing Fear in the Workplace
Gerald Suarez, Ph.D.; published for the Department of the Navy, the paper deals with fear and how it affects quality in the workplace. Paper by J.
Deming Electronic Network
The DEN is the home of the Deming electronic network web pages, deming file areas, and Deming discussion list; published by Jim Clauson.
The W. Eward Deming Institute
W. Edwards Deming. The aim of The Institute is to foster understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge to advance commerce, prosperity and peace. A nonprofit organization that was founded in 1993 by noted consultant Dr.
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Server
Supported by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Clemson University; the service is provided in support of world-wide efforts in quality improvement and education in quality.
Corporate Pathology
Written by Jamshid Gharajedaghi; paper deals with the assumptions of conventional management philosophy regarding the nature of social systems.
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