DOE Taguchi Design of Experiments System and Management of operations Guide - Management Review

Experimental Design (Industrial DOE)
Topic from the Electronic Statistics Textbook developed by StatSoft of Tulsa, definitions, Oklahoma; site provides graphics and additional resources on statistical performance and measurement.
Taguchi's Loss Function
Theoretical paper with mathematical formulas and decriptive analysis of Genichi Taguchi's quality methods.
DOE, QC, and Taguchi Methods
Subject related site from Loyola University.
Explanation of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, known as TRIZ, from a site designed and written by John Terninko.
Taguchi Approach to Design Optimization for Quality and Cost: An Overview
Dean from the Proceedings of the International Society of Parametric Analysts 13th Annual Conference , New Orleans LA , May 21-24, 1991. Paper in PDF format by Resit Unal and Edwin B.
Buy Design Expert 7
Low prices, excellent service. Software for design of experiments.
Communicating Design of Experiments (DOE) to Non-statisticians
Paper by Steve Schmidt, PhD of Air Academy associates and Ken Case, PhD of oklahoma State University.
The QFD, TRIZ and Taguchi Connection
of Responsible Management Inc., and Ideation International given at the Ninth Symposium on Quality Function Deployment, June 10, 1997. Paper by John Terninko, Ph.D.
What are Taguchi Methods?
Definition of Taguchi methods taken from the American Supplier Institute.
DOE/Opt: A System for Design of Experiments, Response Surface Modeling, and Optimization using Process and Device Simulation
Boning and P.K. Mozumber of the Semiconductor Process and Design Center of Texas Instruments, December 7,1993. Paper by Duane S.
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