Consultancy for the Supply Chain and Management of operations Guide - Management Review

Herbert W. Davis and Co.
Consulting firm offering specialized services in the optimization of the supply chain.
Miebach Logistics
An international consultancy dedicated to assisting its clients in developing world-class supply chain strategies and solutions.
Accugistics Inc.: Supply Chain Optimization Planning
Offers a range of services, for distributors, including supply chain optimization and other businesses involved in material handling.
Performance Plus Consultants
Provider of experiential learning, auditing and consulting services for quality systems and supply chain methodologies.
Provider of consulting services to build financial and supply chain e-solutions for client's internal and external customers.
REM Associates
REM Associates provides advice and counsel to business management on improving the efficiency of product movement through related business functions.
HW Associates
A consulting firm specializing in complete supply chain management; forecasting, planning, systems development and implementation.
Consulting firm specializing in strategy, enterprise solutions, implementation and outsourcing for ebusiness, customer relationship management and supply chain management.
Provider of supply chain planning solution tools and domain expertise designed to manage company supply chain.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Professional services firm providing audit, human resource, business process outsourcing , financial, supply chain management, assurance and tax consulting services through offices in 150 countries and territories.
St. Onge Company
Services include logistics/supply chain strategy development, simulation and network optimization. Consulting and engineering firm providing design and project management of lean manufacturing facilities and high-performance distribution centers.
Nemea Consulting
Management consultancy providing services in ecommerce, project and supply chain management, outsourcing, business analysis and supply chain management, procurement and mergers and acquisitions.
Helps start-ups lay the foundation for a scaleable e-business, technology, including Web strategy, brand management and application hosting services; helps established players deliver fully integrated e-business solutions to help cr.
Supply Chain Systems
Provider of planning and scheduling solutions to regional and global manufacturing companies.
Mihlfeld & Associates
Providing logistics management that reduces costs, by supplying specialized transportation, distribution and information services.
Logistics Information Systems
Experience in logistics consulting and software development.
Next Generation Logistics
A company involved in the management consulting and information technology fields that is responding to the global logistics and supply chain management needs of the manufacturing and distribution industry.
Rockford Consulting Group
Manufacturing, procurement, information systems, distribution, and supply chain management consulting firm; facilitates the development and execution of manufacturing, logistics, distribution and organizational strategies.
Integrated Strategies
Provider of logistics management that reduces costs by supplying specialized transportation, distribution and information services.
Deloitte Consulting
Consulting firm providing services in all aspects of enterprise transformation, from strategy and processes to information technology and human resources.
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