Consultancy for the Purchasing and Management of operations Guide - Management Review

Webgistix: Purchasing Consultants
Provides customized fullfillment solutions and Web technology focused on increasing the productivity of sales and marketing operations.
Frye & Associates
Specializes in proposal management, program management, proposal training, new business development, and proposal consulting services in response to Federal and proposal consulting services in response to Federal, state, and local government procurement requirements.
Robertson Cox
Management consulting service assisting companies in business strategy, transformation and procurement and supply management.
Rockford Consulting Group
Consultancy providing purchasing, outsourcing, and supplier management services
Business Cash Advance: Business Startup Loan
Must currently accept credits to qualify. Automatically repay using future credit card sales. Get up to a $150,000 business cash advance.
Archway Consulting
Consultancy helping companies set up sales web sites, implement eProcurement, create new service propositions or create new digital marketplaces with the latest auction facilities.
Winchester Procurement
Provides procurement and procurement consultancy services to development projects of all sizes.
eWork Markets: Operations Management Consulting Marketplace
Project posting, comparing bids, and choosing consultants is free. eWork Markets connects you to prequalified operations management consultants.
Community-driven exchange for expertise, knowledge and procurement, serving professional advisors and firms working on aid-funded and private sector projects in the emerging markets and developing countries.
SCC Associates
Consultancy whose functional experience includes demand planning, strategic planning, SCM educational design , purchasing, project management, supply planning and delivery.
Ketera Technologies: eProcurement Solutions
Easy integration with ERP systems. Free demo. Eliminate non-compliance, streamline costs in your contracts, content and procurement processes.
Emergency Medical Services Consulting
operations. Provides seminars and individual consultations to organizations and municipalities interested in increasing the efficiency and productivity of their E.M.S.
GE Global eXchange Services (GXS)
GXS helps businesses with their supply chains by providing a portfolio fo elctronic commerce products and services.
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