Publications Related to Strategic Planning and Global planning Guide - Management Review

Strategic Planning Society
London-based membership organization with a publication and trainings promoting insight, innovation and best practice in strategic thought and action.
Center for Simplified Strategic Planning
Published by the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning. Newsletter which provides news, views and information about strategic planning.
Journal of Strategic Information Systems
Provider of editorial content focused on management, business and organizational issues associated with the introduction of information systems as a strategic tool.
Journal concerned with medium and long-term futures of societies, economics, science and humanity.
Sloan Management Review
A peer reviewed journal published at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Strategic Management Journal
Publishes articles concerned with all aspects of strategic management and is devoted to the improvement and development of the theory and practice of strategic management.
Magazine Business Plan
Over 500 business plans, including Magazine Business Plan
Harvard Business Review
Search abstracts, read excerpts, browse or search titles, or buy online. - From Harvard Business School Publishing, timely articles on management, strategy, human resources, financial management.
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