Game Theory in Business Decision Support and Global planning Guide - Management Review

Klein Associates Inc
A decision-making research company that has pioneered the study of decision making in naturalistic settings.
Outline of the History of Game Theory
By Paul Walker, New Zealand, University of Canterbury
Economic and Game Theory
Levine, Department of Economics, UCLA. The site uses the tools of modern economic and game theory to explore how the interaction of intelligent goal-seeking individuals determines social outcomes. From David K.
Game Theory Society
The Society aims to promote the investigation, teaching and application of game theory.
Provider of facilitative services in strategic planning, problem solving, resource allocation and conflict resolution to increase decision-making.
Game Theory
Definition from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
OutlookSoft: Decision Support & Modeling Software
Free demo. Provides business performance management (BPM) software for decision support, modeling, analysis, and more.
Group Decision Support Systems, Inc.
The firm increases time for value-added work and eliminates non-value added activities, enabling work members to reach project goals on schedule, in-tune with group members and with an understanding of how to replicate their success.
Decision Processes International
Provider of strategic thinking, decision making, e-strategy and strategic product creation for executives.
Decision Support Laboratory (DSS Lab)
Information on decision support service-related tools, technologies and architectures.
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