Education and Training in Competitive Intelligence and Global planning Guide - Management Review

Competitive Intelligence in Telecoms
Provider of education services to illustrate the current competitive intelligence and data mining methods and tools for the telecommunications market.
Competitive Intelligence Training: Classes USA
Learn about accredited schools offering Associate's, Bachelor's, Masters and Doctorate programs. Get free info. Earn a degree in management online.
Information Acumen
Provider of software tools and services used for knowledge discovery in databases.
Provider of investigative analysis training programs.
Competitive Intelligence at Acadia University
Provider of education services and a web-based program for practitioners and business educators.
Discovering Competitive Intelligence
Provider of a one-day workshop in competitive intelligence to establish or enhance an organization's capability.
CI Education
The only accredited competitive intelligence certification program
The Academy of Competitive Intelligence
Provider of education and training in competitive and business intelligence.
Aurora WDC
Provider of online training in competitive intelligence.
Nb of rev= 9 - Consultancy for the Competitive Intelligence