Structure of Organizations and Corporate Management Guide - Management Review

Martin Training Associates: Organizational Structure
Offerings include consulting, training and assessments. Assist organizations in organizing and managing within a matrix (cross-functional) structure.
Business Roundtable on Corporate Governance
The Corporate Governance Task Force focuses on issues related to corporate governance and responsibilities, including accounting standards.
Tongren & Associates
Facilitates the development of effective management, organization control and internal assurance capability for organizations by providing consulting, education and assurance services.
Bureau of National Affairs
Leading publisher of print and electronic news and information covering health care, law, taxation, environmental protection, safety, labor relations, economics, business and other public policy and regulatory issues.
Carver Policy Governance Model
The Policy Governance® model is a universal theory of governance ?a paradigm of principles and concepts which enables boards to ensure that organizations achieve board-stated goals and conduct themselves with probity.
CalPERS Shareowners Forum
Bibliographic database comprising much of the history of the development of corporate governance.
Mission as an Organizing Principle
William Pollard, Chairman and CEO of the ServiceMaster Company discusses the need for leaders to be champions of the mission of the firm and to live up to that mission. C.
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