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Corporate Finance Network provides news, information and links related to the corporate finance world.
Investor Responsibility Research Center
Source of impartial, independent research on corporate governance, proxy voting and corporate responsibility issues.
Pension Research Council
Located at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Generates debate on policy issues affecting pensions and other employee benefits.
Mutual Fund Investor's Center
Designed to serve as a resource for investors who want to use mutual funds to reach their financial goals, fund listings and exclusive planning, this site provides lists of mutual fund companies, website links and exclusive planning, tracking and monitoring tools.
Investor Relations Information Network (IRI)
Site where investors, quarterlies, shareholders, and money managers have instant access to companies' annual reports and press releases in their original format.
SOX Compliance
FoxT transforms compliance into optimized business performance
Bureau of National Affairs
Leading publisher of print and electronic news and information covering health care, law, taxation, environmental protection, safety, labor relations, economics, business and other public policy and regulatory issues.
Links for resources in corporate governance.
Investor Protection Trust
Serves as an independent source of non-commercial investor education materials and assiss in the prosecution of securities fraud.
Business Roundtable on Corporate Governance
The Corporate Governance Task Force focuses on issues related to corporate governance and responsibilities, including accounting standards.
Thompson Financial Securities Data (TFSD)
Updated daily, the data goes back to 1979 (U.S.) or 1985 (non-U.S.) and covers more than 273,000 transac. Worldwide Merger & Acquisitions database covers transactions and is used by investment banks, law firms, and media outlets around the world.
Corporate Watch
On-line magazine that produces regular features about the role of corporations in social, political and economic and environmental issues.
Disclosure: Global Access
Powerful integrated research tool designed for financial analysts, corporate leaders and professional researchers who require instant, money managers
Motley Fool
Site designed to educate, amuse, and enrich the individual investor.
Corporate Governance NETWork
Website providing news, internet links, a small reference library and a discussion forum for authorities in the field of corporate governance.
Corporate Library, The
Intended to serve as a central repository for research, study and critical thinking about the nature of the modern global corporation, with a special focus on corporate governance and the relationship between company management and their boards .
Informed Investors Forum
Site provides resources for in-depth sector-anlysis and online and offline industry-specific investment conferences which allow individual investors to have contact with public companies executives and industry experts.
Transparency International
International coalition against corruption in international business transactions which supports just and honest government policy.
Center for Corporate Governance: Dartmouth University
The Center for Corporate Governance conducts research and offers teaching programs aimed at understanding how international differences in contract laws, capital markets, and ownership structures affect the design of an efficient governance syst.
Enterprise Risk Management Software
Manage operational, health, quality, environmental, safety
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