Publications Related to Customer Relationship Management and CRM Guide - Management Review

C@ll Center CRM Solutions
Publication providing monthly information on inbound, outbound and customer service management.
Computer Telephony
Computer Telephony Magazine and its expert editorial staff guides developers, purchasing and implementing products and services that add modern-day, resellers and end-user organizations in evaluating
Online publication which assists Digital 1000™ companies in web-enabling their support organizations and serves Internet businesses by providing information on customer service on the Internet.
Beyond Computing
Magazine which helps top-level executives align their technology investments with their business strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage using technology.
Call Center Magazine
Monthly publication which covers products and services that improve customer contact and care by strengthening online communications and quality assistance over the phone.
Too many CRM choices?
5 principles for CRM success. Download the Pivotal business paper
Darwin Magazine
Magazine published by CXO Media Inc., a subsidiary of IDG, in order to serve non-technology business executives with industry and technology information.
Customer Service Group
Offers three publications: The Customer Service Newsletter (monthly newsletter for customer service and call center managers); The Customer Communicator (monthly training and motivation newsletter for frontline service representatives); Executiv.
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