Raw Materials for Industrial and Various Raw materials Guide - Industrial goods and services Review

Toray Group USA
Provides plant engineering, water treatment and housing construction services. Manufacturer of fibers, textiles, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical products, advanced materials, and electronics.
Chemsultants International Corp.
Company also provides sales of test equipment to the adhesive industry. Services are provided to multiple industries. This company was. Provider of customized adhesive development services and chemical compound testing and consulting services.
International Coatings
This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of inks for textile manufacturers and provider of vinyl metal coating services for the industrial community.
Advanced Composite Products and Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of automotive a. Manufacturer of hardware and structures made from advanced composite materials such as graphite, glass, Kevlar and ceramic fibers in organic resin matrixes such as epoxies, phenolics, vinyl esters and bismaleimides.
American Micro Products, Inc.
Services are provided to multiple industries. Provider of metal and plastic machining and finishing services.
MBK Enterprises, Inc.
In addition, they produce polyurethane and polyethylene foamed materials, pressure-sensitive adhesives and provide die. Producer of flexible materials; paper, film, foil, foams and fabrics for insulating, joining, marking, masking and gasketing.
GE Specialty Materials
Operates divisions involved in silicone, specialty chemicals, quartz and abrasives. Manufacturer of high-performance materials.
Quartz Scientific
Products and services are sold to the semiconductor industry. Manufacturer of fused quartz and fabricator of quartz products for laboratory and industrial applications.
Solvay Advanced Polymers: Materials for Industrial Equipment
Offers resins that can be injection molded, vacuum formed, extruded anding applications.
Precision Extrusion
Materials used include polyurethanes, polycarbonates, nylons and resins. Services are provided to the medical industry. This company was capitalized by private investment. Provider of single- and multi-lumen tubing extrusion services.
Gougeon Brothers
Products are sold to the construction and marine industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Producer of epoxy-based adhesives; epoxy, fiber and glass laminates; non-metallic coatings; and glass composites.
Porcelain Metals Corp.
Metal products fabricated include stampings and subassemblies. Services are provided to the appliance, lawn and garden and o. Provider of porcelain enameling, electrostatic powder coating and metal and appliance contract manufacturing services.
Spang & Co.
This company is the parent of high-tech units involved in the areas of materials, magnetic cores and power control devices.
DC Materials
Supplier of corrosion prevention and control materials and equipment, anodes, including electrodes, universal rectifiers (URI) and more.
Promindsa Worldwide
Leader in the provision of minerals and pigments for the industry
American Excelsior Co.
The company also manufactures Cunley(tm) Excelsior, wood products used in packing and Eco-foam(tm) biodegradable packing materials. Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of urethane foams and loose-fill styrene.
Electro-Space Fabricators, Inc.
Services are provided to the computer, telecommunications and networking industries. Provider of custom sheet metal fabrication and machining, system integration and plastic injection molding services.
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