Consultancy for the Job and Life and Work and life balance Guide - Human resources Review

Work & Family Benefits, Inc.
An employee benefits company dedicated to making child and elder care benefits available to all working people.
The Jeff Conley Corporation
Keynote speaker on various issues includung work/life balance
Ceridian Performance Partners
Ceridian Performance Partners is a nationally recognized provider of workplace effectiveness services inluding a fully integrated range of EAP, work-life, and training services.
The Fun Company
Provider of employee relations events such as company picnics, family days, open houses and children's holiday parties.
Employee Assistance Program HHRC
Provides employee assistance programs (EAPs), training, work/life services and consultation.
Career Management International
Dual Career Counseling Services
Perspective Consulting Group
Human resources and organizationational development consulting firm dedicated to helping it's clients create productive and healthy work environments.
Family Care & Workforce Diversity Consultants
National lifespan resource and referral provider offering case-managed services.
Provider of work and life virtual consultancy services and seminars.
Worklife Institute
Center for resources providing support for individuals and companies seeking to address the challenges of today's business environment.
National Life/Work Centre
Provides life/work development programs through partnerships with public and private sector agencies across Canada and internationally.
La Petite Academy: Work & Life Consulting
Provides employers with alternative on-site or near-site child development centers through a national network of fully licensed academies.
Center for Balanced Living
Founded by Stacey Mayo in 1996, based on the core principle that each person person has unique passions and purpose in their lives and that discovering and expressing these in one's career is one of the greatest keys to finding fulfillment in li.
Consultants earn 300k pa
Double your consulting earnings by becoming a freelance consultant
Online benefits program that helps people juggle work, family and leisure activities.
Provider of professional work and life services to address issues of workplace productivity, recruitment, retention and employee commitment.
Employer's Tool Kit
Tool Kit contains best practices and policies on issues that make a difference in the work place - corporate citizenship, health care benefits, fair employment, family oriented personnel policies and workplace domestic violence.
Work/Life Benefits
Provider of integrated work/life solutions, including consulting on dependant care, finance and law.
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