Self Reliant Work Teams and Team leadership Guide - Human resources Review

Alliance Training and Consulting: Self-Directed Work Teams
Provides team building programs and workshops, how to manage and motivate a team, including the basics of team building and advanced team building.
Nailing Jelly to a Tree: Approaches to Self-Directed Work Teams
Article by David Chaudron, Ph.D.
Teambuilding, Inc. Article - Living with Self-Directed Work Teams - and a Review of Herzberg's concepts
Article on self-directed teams by Peter Grazier, from
Team Building Vidoes
Provider of team building training videos on cross-functional project teams, how to lead a team, self-directed work teams and conquering team conflict.
Self-Directed Work Teams: PI Worldwide
Offers international management consulting that helps companies align individual performance with specific business goals.
Nb of rev= 5 - Peer Group Coaching