Consultancy for the Mentors and Team leadership Guide - Human resources Review

Centre for Mentoring
Provides services to organizations seeking to establish and maintain in-house mentoring and coaching programs. Professional mentoring and executive coaching service for managers and leaders.
Ledesma Associates
Provider of telephone, group and mentor coaching, in person, individual, counseling and mentor coaching, counseling, psychological assessment, training, facilitation and workshops.
Coaching Leaders and Teams
Provider of coaching for individuals, small businesses, executives and corporations as well as mentoring for new coaches.
Creative Individual and Organizational Development
Independent group of experienced consultants specializing in improving and developing individual and organizational performance.
Training Consultancy
Training voor adviseurs/consultants Schouten & Nelissen: dé specialist!
Perrone-Ambrose Associates
Consulting company that helps organizations create mentoring cultures.
Mentoring Group, The
A division of the Coalition of Counseling Centers (CCC), skill-based training, research/evaluation, that provides consulting/technical assistance, skill assessment, a not-for-profit corporation and publications related to mentoring.
Mentor Networks USA
Services include: coaching, management consulting, and strategic planning. Coach and mentor entrepreneurs throughout the startup phase and funding process.
Executive Mentoring and Career Coaching for Career Climbers
Provider of executive coaching, career development, mentoring and counseling for owners, managers and career climbers in career assessment and career change and career searches.
Santos, Judy
Also offers mentoring. Personal and business coach for people in a life transition.
TMI - Mentoring Institute
Provider of mentoring programs specializing in orienting newer hires, career development, leadership/executive development and enrichment of existing projects.
Media Mentor
Provider of media training programs for executives of high-technology companies.
Provider of employee research, off-the-shelf research, online surveys and business consulting.
Defining Success
Personal coaching service that builds upon individuals' successes, and abilities in order to define success in personal, relationships, talents, interpersonal and abilities in order to define success in personal, interpersonal, and professional lives.
Expanding Thought
Also sells problem solving games. Provider of coaching, consulting, diagnostic tests and team or meeting facilitation.
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