Consultancy for the Leadership and Team leadership Guide - Human resources Review

Niagara Institute
Provides leadership and team building programs. A private, nonprofit foundation established to enhance the quality of Canadian leadership in business, government and non-governmental organizations.
Leadership Research Institute
Specializes in leadership and organization development, executive coaching, research and measurement.
Fortune Group
Video training courses in leadership, service, management, sales and employee growth.
Winning Colors
Provider of coaching on developing leadership and team building skills, increasing productivity and sales through goal setting and customer relations.
Lore International Institute
A professional training organization in the areas of interpersonal skills and business development training and consulting.
Millennium Group
Provider of performance seminars specializing in management education, leadership training, performance skill building and business training.
Clear Directions
Offers seminars, workshops and coaching for stress reduction, better performance and effective relationships.
Leadership Communication
A California-based consulting firm, offering one-on-one coaching and leadership communication programs to corporate, political and community leaders.
BreakThroughs Inc.
Specializes in customized team building, conflict management, leadership, coaching, and attitude renewal programs supported by needs assessment and attitude renewal programs supported by needs assessment, employee/customer survey work, and executive coaching.
Leadership Management Development Center, Inc.
Provider of leadership, management and executive development seminars and training programs designed to create teamwork and achieve corporate and personal goals and objectives.
Accenture Consulting
Read "Marks of Distinction" Report. Achieve High Performance.
Leadership Consultants: Institute of Executive Development
Provides business resources, job opportunities, networking abilities and events to executive development professionals.
Essential Communications
Coaching firm specialized in helping business people achieve the look and sound of leadership by developing effective interpersonal communication skills.
Leading Resources Inc
Provider of consulting services, business process pmprovement, workshops and seminars in strategic planning, organizational development and strategic partnering.
Leaderskill Group
Provider of consulting services in leadership, facilitation, communication and self-managed teams through feedback systems and accelerative learning.
Move the Mountain Leadership Center
Provider of leadership programs, education, coaching and consulting focused on on developing and supporting leaders in business, human services and faith communities.
Strategic Human Resources Group
Provides leadership development, communication improvement and knowledge management services to organizations seeking to maximize the value of information in their operations.
Leadership Horizons
Company that provides tools to improve executive officers' effectiveness on the job as it relates to getting things done with and through people by helping executives and their key managers become more effective and by teaching managers how to c.
Wyncom Inc.
Also provides books and audiotapes on leadership in the workplace. Provider of keynote speeches, seminars and conferences in leadership development.
Allied Ronin
Provider of leadership training and consulting through seminars and workshops, audio, video and written materials and in-house programs.
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