Coaching Advisors and Team leadership Guide - Human resources Review

Lead Coach
Executive, professional and personal coaching by Russ Volckmann, Ph.D.
Eagle Alliance
Coaching and training for leaders, business owners, and professionals.
Practical Impact
Specializes in business development, improving strengths, leadership, motivation and managing weaknesses.
Corporate, Business and Personal Coaching
Provider of one-on-one corporate, business and personal coaching.
Organization Plus
Provider of business coaching and organization skills for managers, sole proprietors or partners of new, established or expanding businesses through one-on-one consultation or speaking engagements.
International Coaching Centre
Provider of individual coaching and government and corporate training to executives and managers to use coaching skills in the workplace.
Leadership Services LTD
Programs emphasize situation appropriate leadership, effective interpersonal and organizational communication, personal development and strategy activation. Provider of individual coaching for executives and middle managers.
Center for Coaching & Mentoring
Develops and delivers training, consulting services and materials that facilitates change.
John Davidson
Provider of professional service to help individuals in business to become more productive and profitable through coaching programs.
Acorn Consulting
Provides services related to the tools and processes that contribute to individual, team and organizational effectiveness.
Effectiveness Inc
Services include consulting, assessments, coaching, facilitating, and resources to help enterprises of all types become higher-performing and resources to help enterprises of all types become higher-performing, agile, learning organizations.
Company Coach
Provider of training, coaching and speaking services in order to improve team performance.
Provider of one-on-one personal and professional coaching, personal growth workshops and retreats.
Lipman, Doug
Also provides articles and publications. Provider of coaching services, workshops and consulting that promote the use of storytelling.
Murray Goldsmith
Corporate motivational coach and speaker specializing in stress management and hypnotherapy.
ICS Group
Management consulting firm that leverages project management principles through project portfolio management, coaching, training and change management.
Corporate Coaching International
Provider of one-to-one business coaching, organizational development interventions and customized leadership/management training for corporations of all sizes.
Edmonds Training & Consulting
A business-to-business service providing personalized coaching initiatives for sustained organizational change.
McRae, Barbara
Provider of leadership training and personal coaching for private and corporate clients through workshops and speaking engagements.
Quantum Leap
Provider of training programs in organizational design and development of systems, strategy development and implementation, personal coaching, team leadership and implementation, mediating conflict and improving communication quality.
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